The Mikado

With ‘joyous shout and ringing cheer’ LOON welcomes spring to the Northland!  Join us for a topsy-turvy ride through this British Victorian-era satire which crackles with comic and musical brilliance.   Come and see why The Mikado reigns as Gilbert & Sullivan’s most frequently-performed opera.

Guest director Gary Briggle leads a spectacular cast.  Keith Swanson conducts the Lyric Opera of the North orchestra.  Set design by Ann Gumpper.

Additional lyrics by Jean Sramek.

Jeffery Madison Shad Olsen
Jeffrey Madison
as Ko-Ko
Shad Olsen
as Nanki-Poo
Sarah Luebke
as Yum-Yum
Andy Oakden
William Koehler
as Pooh-Bah
Sarah Gibson
as Katisha
Andrew Oakden
as The Mikado
Calland Metts
as Pish-Tush
Rebecca Farmer
as Pitti-Sing
Chani Ninneman
as Peep-Bo