Amahl and the Night Visitors Set Rental

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Charming, versatile set creating an indoor/outdoor venue. Originally designed for small proscenium stage; can be used on thrust, chancel, or in a classroom or social hall, in venue of nearly any size. Free-standing with no floor fastening necessary. Practical fireplace, latching door, window, shelf for props, partial roof, climbable rustic ladder outside window. Platform with railing and ship’s ladder stair behind hut so shepherds can peek “through” the roof at the Kings. Star gobo included for venues with projection, scrim, cyc or backdrop.

Amahl and the Night Visitors Set Rental Amahl and the Night Visitors set

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This setting could also be used for Hansel and Gretel, Act I, La Cenerentola, Act I, etc.

Rental Price

Contact Lyric Opera of the North for quotes and rental details.


  • Maximun height: 11’-0”
  • Maximum width (stage right to stage left): 18’-0”
  • Maximum depth (upstage to downstage): 10”-6”


  • In addition to LOON tech personnel, three (or more) people needed to unload and re-load the set
  • One carpenter to assist LOON tech personnel with assembly.  Assembly will take approximately six hours (not counting load-in); two hours to strike (not counting load-out).

Set Props

  • Bench covered w/hides and sheepskins, King’s seat & Mother’s bed
  • Rough wooden stool
  • “Straw” Pallet
  • Pegs for Amahl’s cloak and Mother’s shawl
  • Amahl’s birdcage with small bird
  • Extra straw for dressing set

Amahl Hand Properties

  • Twig broom
  • Shepherd’s pipe (Amahl)
  • Handmade crutch (Amahl)
  • Oil lamp
  • Lantern (Page)
  • Bundles of possesions (Page)
  • Rug (Page)
  • Parrot in cage (Page, Kaspar)
  • Bits of food for parrot (Kaspar)
  • Box with three drawers (Page, Kaspar),  “magic stones” (carnelian, moonstone, red coral, lapis lazuli, jasper, topaz, ruby), beads, licorice
  • Wood for fireplace (Mother)
  • 3 Gifts for Christ child: Coffers of gold, frankincense, myrrh
  • Lanterns (Shepherds)
  • Shepherd’s gifts: food and herbs in baskets, on straw platters
  • Shepherd’s pipe (Older Shepherd)

Large, adjustable costumes available for Three Kings

Amahl and the Night Visitors Kings Costumes