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Podcast Feature about the Decameron

October 2, 2020

In this 36-minute podcast, “Words First: Talking Text in Opera”, Keturah Stickann speaks with librettist, Matt Boresi, about The Decameron Opera Coalition, which was put together by him and composer, Peter Hilliard.  Joining Boresi are three librettists from the coalition, John de los Santos, Gilda Lyons, and Deborah Brevoort.  They discuss their roles in the upcoming serial piece “Tales From A Safe Distance,” and how people can access the performances.  Also, CORRECTION: The performances all begin at 8pm, NOT 8:30, as listed in the podcast.

WORDS FIRST: TALKING TEXT IN OPERA | THE NEWS YOU NEED #2 | (Decameron Opera Coalition) | SEP 30, 2020 SEASON 1 | Keturah Stickann/Decameron Opera Coalition