DOC the Halls

December 2, 2022
Virtual Livestream

For this year’s Decameron Opera Coalition (DOC) project, “DOC the Halls”, Lyric Opera of the North commissioned a song about Winter Solstice with lyrics from local writer Linda LeGarde Grover and music by Minneapolis-based composer Daniel Nass. The song, titled Little Spirit Moon at Solstice, is sung by Mezzo Soprano Lyz Jaakola with piano accompaniment by Bill Munson.

The longest nights of winter offer a chance for rest, renewal, and reflection. For many Northerners, this time of year is also a favorite time to gather, connect, and play. We collected a gorgeous assortment of photos from patrons showing just that, and together these images bring our song to life.

Special Thanks to all who contributed photos and videos for this project: Terry & Vicki Anderson, Barry Bergquist, Annie Dugan, Ben Ellison, Vicki Fingalson, John Finkle, Hilary Goddard, Brenda Ion, Jean Jacobson, Kelly LaCore, Lise Lunge Larsen, Janet MacDonald, Rev. Emily Meyer, Merle Peterson, Laura Piotrowski, Catherine Preus, Kara Salmela, Alice Shafer, Kailyn Spencer, Beth Tamminen, Char Taylor, and Gudrun Witrak.

Creative Team

Daniel Nass
Linda LeGarde Grover
Lyz Jaakola
Mezzo Soprano
Bill Munson
Pianist & Film Editor