Hansel and Gretel Teaching Materials


TEACHER GUIDE (click to view and download)

The required STUDENT PREPARATION CHECKLIST can be found in the teacher guide, along with sheet music, suggested activities, gym setup guidelines, and more!

LIBRETTO (click to view and download)

EVALUATIONS (TO PRINT) (click to view and download)

TUTORIAL AND CAST RECORDING (click to view, listen, and download)

Please note that all of the recordings – student practice, piano accompaniment, tutorial, and full cast – exist on a single playlist, in that order. A track listing document is included in the Tutorial and Cast Recording link to assist with finding specific recordings.


STUDENT HANDBOOK (Click to view and download)

TUTORIAL VIDEOS (Click to watch)


Student Practice Track 1: Hansel, Dearest Hansel

Student Practice Track 2: Brother Come and Dance With Me

Student Practice Track 3: A Magic Little Elf’s Hiding in the Wood

Student Practice Track 4: Dream While the Starry Skies Above

Student Practice Track 5: Pixies Dialogue

Student Practice Track 6: We’re saved, we’re free AND Student Practice Track 7: lesson learned