Les Uncomfortables

June 23 & 24 at 7:30 PM & June 26 at 2:00 PM
Lincoln Park Middle School Auditorium

Les Uncomfortables by Tyler Kaiser, Jean Sramek & Margi Preus in collaboration with Colder By The Lake.  The original comic opera that broke new ground ( and a few portages) in the regional opera scene.

Les Uncomfortables is an original comic opera, sung in English. It is based on the true adventures of Daniel Greysolon Sieur duLhut, the explorer for whom the city of Duluth is named. The story includes love and loss, portaging and paddling, and mosquitoes and mistaken identity.

Creative Team


 William Bastian    VIcki Fingalson
William Bastian
as Daniel Greysolon Sieur DuLhut
 Sarah Lawrence
as Malbec
Vicki Fingalson
as Chardonnay/Hennepin
3BOa3RqBpjiRUcX2yVlFiPYurdOF9MeA3JsjpOb52Ic Alice_Pierce
Jeffrey Madison
as Zinfandel
Cal Metts
as Pinot Grigio
Alice Pierce
as Madame Frou Frou
John Pierce Charlotte Taylor Dorn Bio Photo
John Pierce
as Odin
Charlotte Taylor
as Runnhilde
Patricia Dorn
as Beaujolais/Nicollet
David Greenberg
as Kid
Lyz Jaakola
as Pocahonnakus

Townspeople, Voyageurs, Immigrants:

  • Sadie Cheslak
  • Ben DiSera
  • Benjamin Ellison
  • Janet MacDonald
  • Dan Maki
  • James Olson
  • Christa Schulz
  • Gudrun Witrak